Travel in dreams…. 115

Travel in dreams…. 115

In the small River Land everyone was talking about this year’s Fantasy Faire, how big it was, how beautiful it was and full of news, And who for a reason, who for another had decided to go see it. Joys was one of them, a small fairy with a transparent, diaphanous skin that showed her veins.
He needed a new dress, and he had heard that there were so many at the fair.
Of all shapes and colors.
I want it red – Joys thought – red yes, so it will give me a bit of color to my very clear skin, and it is also my favorite color. –
So she went to the fair. She found a red dress of fine silk, which reaches to her feet. She fell in love with him at first sight so that as soon as she bought it she immediately put it on.
Walking around the fair he meets his little friends who rested under a majestic tree.
Hi Joys – they said – what a beautiful dress, sit with us. We were resting a little and we take the opportunity to eat something. This fair is huge. –
Hi dear – Joys answered – I just bought it. Thank you you are so kind. Yes I saw, it’s huge. I have been here for several hours and only shot one sim. –
Hi Joys – a big voice said behind his back – happy to see you again –
Joys turns around and to his surprise sees the dragon his childhood friend Arold,
Arold !!!! – said Joys emphatically – how glad I am to see you !!! You here too?
Yes – replied Arold – I needed to see old friends and friends again, we arranged to meet here. And as you see I was not wrong, I also found you here –
You’re always a treasure Arold – Joys answered – sitting next to him. – So tell me. What have you been doing all this time?
– I traveled a lot – Arold answered – and I found a partner –
– Really? – Joys said – Am I really happy and when do you let me know about it?
“I left it in front of a shop and I came here to greet you and your friends,” Arold said.
And so the day goes by between chatter and laughter, Joys decides that he will return to the fair the following day.
It is so big that visiting it all in one day is impossible. She greets her friends and she heads home.

Photo by  joys Cuttita:


Travel in dreams…. 114

Travel in dreams…. 114

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Travel in dreams…. 113

Travel in dreams…. 113


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Travel in dreams…. 112

Travel in dreams…. 112

Photo by  joys Cuttita:

  • Dress :  ANTHRO – GEORGIE  @ Versus Event   
  • Headpiece: *TKW* Asagumo Accessories
  • Tattoo : Juna: Kris tattoo Light @ Versus Event   
  • Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – NEO JAPAN –  Mei  @ NEO JAPAN event 
  • Lips: ALMA Makeup – Vera –  @ NEO JAPAN event 
  • Hair: *TKW* Asagumo Blondes
  • Skin : PORCELAIN .::WoW Skins::. Mirela Skin & Omega Applier (Genus) @.::WoW Skins::. & Shopping District
  • Eyes : [MaCherie] Fantastic Eyes @ Versus Event   
  • Petals: [PR] Floating Sakura Petals – White  and  [PR] Ground Sakura Petals
  • Light :[PR] Light Floating Sakuras & Petals – White
  • Lotus: [PR] Lotus Flowers Ground – White <<COMMON>>
  • pose : Bauhaus Movement – Ilanit O 1

Travel in dreams…. 111

Travel in dreams…. 111

Photo by  joys Cuttita:

  • Outifit : irrISIStible : FAIRY BERRIES MESH OUTFIT + HAIR + HUD 3 COLORS  @ Versus Event   
  • Background : irrISIStible : GARDEN POND with COUPLE CUDDLE ANIMATION   @ Irrisistible shop inworld
  • pose : Bauhaus Movement – The Serpent

Travel in dreams…. 110

Travel in dreams…. 110

Photo by  joys Cuttita:

  • Gown  :Virtual Diva  – @ Unik Event
  • Necklace , earrings and Headpiece :Lazuri Paris Complete Set
  • Shoes: Pure Poison – Butterfly Sandals & Anklet
  • Hair  : *booN Lab.022 hair blonde pack
  • Bodymesh : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • shape :  my personal shape

Travel in dreams…. 109

Travel in dreams…. 109

Photo by  joys Cuttita:

  • Dress and Earrings :JUMO Originals – Helena Dress –  – @ Designer Showcase
  • Hair  : *ARGRACE* HARUKA_II – Blondes
  • Lips :JUMO – Stella Lips* – CATWA and Omega  – @ Skin Fair 2019    
  • Skin :  JUMO – Stella Skin Fat Pack* – CATWA and Omega  @ Skin Fair 2019 
  • Bodymesh : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
  • shape :  my personal shape