around case …..

pm tuta causal chic

I often like to go around Second life aimlessly, I love to see the new land, or maybe go back to places I’ve seen. To do so I decided to put something very cool, comfortable and yet elegant and sexy.

This is why I wore the last CREATION OF PM, a painted silk romper style Boho very elegant and comfortable as it is tremendously sexy combining it with bracelets and watches Mandala and a long necklace, also of Mandala. The shoes ? Fortunately in Second Life there is no sore feet !! I could not put a very high heels? Finally makeup very natural head Mesh Genesilab Julia (I fell in love at first sight) and nails HallNails coordinates to lipstick well matched to the type of fancy dress.


Photo by Joys Cuttita

Romper: PM :: :: Who Romper Bohemia MESH

Neklace: Necklace [MANDALA] DNA _Gold

Bracelet and watch: MANDALA] SITENNOAH_gold

Shoes: HH :: :: Hucci Valdez Pump – Nude

Hair: [Entwined] Electra

Head: Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0_Blinker

Body, Hand, Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body –

Nails: HallNails nails 280814 for Matreya nails (


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