Travel in dreams: Episode 1

Joys asleep, when awakened by a strange feeling of despair. Look out the window, it is the dawn ..
Still rintontita, try to understand what happens and why it feels so desperate … It does not have a reason, so he understands that it is not its own emotion .. but someone else. Dresses and leaves the house, trying to figure out who is the person who shall transmit this feeling.
Walking on the street does not feel the same emotion in the people he meets, and continues to wander around the city, trying to be guided by instinct.
It is found near a tree, and soon a small bird jumps in the hands.
Joys welcomes him taking care not to harm him.
It ‘s weird, but it is from him that the feeling comes. Poor thing, he thinks Joys, is desperate, who knows what happened to him.

chop fantasy_013

Looks at him carefully, but he sees that the little creature body is intact. has no wounds, indeed it seems spry. Chirps constantly as if to tell her what happened.
But then a flash through the mind of Joys, a hawk dropped its nest from the tree behind her, and the poor bird can not put it back where it was before. In the nest are its eggs and are exposed to the dangers, and the poor guy is exhausted by the search for food.
Without thinking twice, Joys collects the nest and puts it back in the tree.

chop fantasy_016

There, now despair disappeared by magic.
And the bird seems calmer.
– Thank you for saving my nido- says the bird.
Joys looks at him in wonder, while he continues
– To reciprocate your favor I do a gift-
– See that box under the roots? Take it and you will find your gift-
Joys takes the box, opens it and is inside a beautiful necklace combined two bracelets and earrings ( Chop Zuey Jewellery Clouds of Athena  – Spring Edition Set – Swank ) and wearing them.
– Uaoooo- exclaims Joys – but it is not necessary to believe me.
– You’ve earned it, you heard me, you heard my despair so it means that you are a special with a sensitivity out of the ordinary, and therefore deserve this gift. But do not be fooled by the appearance of these jewels. They give of powers, each of them gives a power that you can use with care.
Earrings give the power to distinguish truth from lies.
The series gives the power to wander in time and space and finally the bracelet the power to destroy the evil in people. You will need to carefully guard this my gift. Because many have tried to will have it
– I thank you for the trust – responds Joys- will guard them with care-
After thanking once again for gift, Joys starts toward home, feeling light and happy.
Only now, he has to think of a place where no one can find the box of jewels ….

To be continued..


Photo by Joys Cuttita

  • Corset : S&P Corsage Alina snow
  • Skirt :*{Junbug}* Rosamarie Skirt [Blush]
  • Headpiece :Belle Epoque { Faith Headpiece } Pink  ( The Fantasy Collective)
  • Earrings: Chop Zuey Jewellery Clouds of Athena Wht/Pk Earrings – Spring Edition Set – Swank
  • Bracelets : Chop Zuey Jewellery Clouds of Athena Wht/Pk Bracelet  – Spring Edition Set – Swank


  • Wings:*{Junbug}* Fae Wings [Blush]
  • Hair : .:EMO-tions:. *  PHOEBE  * blonde
  • Eyes : IKON Triumph Eyes  – Nymph
  • Nails : HallNails
  • Eyeshadow :White Widow –  Mellow
  • MeshHead :.LeLutka.Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3


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