Travel in dreams: Episode 2

It’s really nice day, – pity that I’ll be locked in the office all day – think Joys entering the office where he works.
With a face looks at the papers on her desk thinking of the work that lies ahead.
Not even have time to sit entering a colleague, shouting: Joysssss, something happened in archives, someone bumped into several shelves and you have to put the bins in place, before it gets to the director.
– Here Joys, you really enjoy a beautiful day –
Arrived in the archive door sees all the books scattered around the office and have a feeling of discomfort.
He turns back, looking around to see if anyone is around, and crosses the archive door and closes the door.
Fortunately nobody suspects who she is, and it’s really better that way.
After the bird gave her the casket of jewels, it is as if it were reborn, jewelry not have given the powers, simply they did back the memory.
She is a goddess, Athena, that during an argument with his father Zeus decided to take refuge among men. At least for a while ‘.
After closing the door, Joys becomes Goddess, and with a simple hand movement puts the books in place.

.:JUMO:. Dominique Gown - Jewelry Bloggers

.:JUMO:. Dominique Gown – Jewelry 

But before going to dress up as Joys, the humble clerk, she looks reflected in the window.
Her dress was really beautiful, and the jewels worthy of a goddess ( .:JUMO:. Dominique Gown – Jewelry ).
The pale skin, bright, soft to the touch.( Devon Skin – CATWA heads)
Okay, we think Joys, there will certainly be the occasion to show off her dress and jewelry, certainly not now ….
Besides, I’m not Venus !! –
And while he thinks Venus turns into a human woman.
It gives a ‘look at other books and archives to see if everything is in order, and returns to her office …

.:JUMO:. Dominique - Jewelry and Devon Skin - CATWA heads

.:JUMO:. Dominique – Jewelry and Devon Skin – CATWA heads


Photo by Joys Cuttita

  • Dress : .:JUMO:. Dominique Gown Sky
  • Necklace:.:JUMO:. Dominique Necklace
  • Earrings:..:JUMO:. Dominique Earrings
  • Ring :.:JUMO:. Dominique Ring
  • Headpeace: .:JUMO:. Dominique Crown
  • Dominique Gown and Jewelry

    Collection: spring Summer 2016
    Release: April 02

    A wonderful gown inspired in Rococo style for this spring, fresh and sexy, rich and opulent, light and soft at the same time!

    Available: Swank Event

  • Skin :.Devon Skin – CATWA heads
  • Liner :.:JUMO:. Devon Eyeliners – Catwa Head
  • Eyebrown .:JUMO:. Devon Eyebrows – Catwa Heads
  • Lipstick : ..:JUMO:. Devon Lips – Catwa Head



  • MeshHead :CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8

    Nails : HallNails


    Eyes : IKON Triumph Eyes  – Nymph


  • Hair :.TRUTH HAIR Vienna


  • Body Mesh: -Belleza- Isis


  • Candle: .:revival:. votives set
  • Flutter Books : Intrigue Co. – Flutter Books (Lemon Chiffon)
  • pose: La Jolie Rose – Solace pose 2

    *PosESioN* Raquel 3




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