Travel in dreams episode 4

Joys likes to go home on foot, so he can cross a large park and stay a little ‘to relax walking through the streets that cross it.
While quietly walking, it materializes before her Mercury, his brother. .
– Hello Athena, – says Mercury-as usual I’m in a hurry, I have a message for you from Giove.-
Who knows what happened, he thinks Joys (Athena) – Hello Mercury – responds Joys.- tell me –
– You must immediately return to ‘Olimpo- continues Mercury-E’ an important issue, and your presence is necessarily
– Okay, Expected- responds Joys, while Mercury hastily disappears.
Joys that was passing in the middle of shower heads, looks around to see if anyone watches. So to avoid being seen, blowing on flowers, by flying petals around her, as if there was a strong gust of wind, turning into Athena and adorned with a precious set of jewels which exalt his divine aura (Chop Zuey Jewellery – Baixa de Cassanje Blu Set – Special Edition ), vanishes appear in ‘Olympus, in front of the grand staircase leading to his father’s palace.

Travel in dreams: Episode 4
Climbs the steps with grace and enter the building.
The palace is huge and decorated with rich tapestries, valuable carpets, vases etc.
Knowing his father, surely it is in the garden to launch his thunderbolts to train.
There he is, thinks Joys, who knows what has happened.
– Hello dad, you made me to call? – Begins Joys-
– Hello daughter- responds Giove-I made you to call because I have to entrust a task that only your intelligence can affrontare.-
– Tell me, how can I help you? – Responds Joys-
– As you know, Era it was very jealous, not let me tregua.- continues Giove-the other day made me a present, she gave me a gold ring engraved with the lightning, and behind the lightning, he recorded her fist, or rather, with a radius out from her finger, her name –
Joys laughs, but seeing his father’s gaze stops suddenly and says- Ehhmmm, sorry father-
Continue Giove-there’s nothing to laugh about Athena, the situation is serious.
I can not make one like it, because she, when he wrote her name, has made sure that the ring makes it clear to her whether it is the ring that she did or no-
– I understand – Joys replication – but what is the problem?
– The problem is that I lost the ring- continuous Giove -I lost it while captivate a human woman. I took it off for not recognizing me. And now I can not find it.
It was if I did not see the finger, unleashes her fury on me, or worse be unleashed on humanitarian
– Please Athena, you look for it and bring it to me, before I was back – he says with the Giove-worried look
– All right, Father, I’m going now to cercarlo-
That said Joys vanishes and reappears in the park.
Continued …

Credits :

Photo by Joys Cuttita

  • Earrings and Necklace : Chop Zuey Jewellery – Baixa de Cassanje Blu Set – Special Edition


Nails : HallNails – HallNail Nails1 fiori marble  Maitreya Body

Markeplace :

  • Hair : .LeLutka.Rogue Bun
  • Eyes : IKON Triumph Eyes  – Nymph
  • Eyeshadow :White Widow –  Belle
  • MeshHead :.LeLutka.Mesh Head-KARIN v1.3

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