MVW 2017 – 1ST PHOTO CHALLENGE joys Cuttita

MVW 2017 - 1ST PHOTO CHALLENGE joys Cuttita

For this picture, I was inspired by ancient Roman goddesses, especially with Venus the goddess of love, beauty and fertility .I many assumptions about the birth of the goddess. Some claim that it sprang from the seed of Uranus, the god of the sky when his genitals fell into the sea from castration suffered by his son Saturn, to avenge Gea, his mother and wife of Uranus. Another hypothesis is that it was born from a shell out to sea. Venus is the consort of Vulcan. It was considered the ancestor of the Roman people by way of its legendary founder, Aeneas, playing a key role in many Roman religious festivals and myths.

Photo by Magissa Denver


Bra : .aisling. – .a. Phryne -Bra – WHITE

Sleeve : .aisling. .a. Phryne Sleeve – WHITE

Skirt:: :: PM :: The White Knight Skirt

Collar : Baiastice_Bia Collar-Gold-( modifid by me)

Necklace : .:JUMO:. Alberta Pearl Necklace

earrings: .:JUMO:. Alberta Pearl Earrings

Headpiece : .:JUMO:. Alberta Pearl Headpiece

Ring : .:JUMO:. Alberta Pearl Ring
Eyeshadows : [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Mellow Gold

NailArt : HallNails –

Hairbase : booN gathered lower hairbase gold

Hair : booN Lab.007 hair



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