If God has a master plan
That only He understands
I hope it’s your eyes He’s seeing through

Depeche Mode – Precious”

Photo by joys Cuttita:

  • Top and Palazzo : LUXE Paris VENEZIA Palazzo & Top* @Swank Event
  • Earrings : [M.C] Jewelry – Rugaji Earring   @Swank Event
  • Palm Ring: Chop Zuey Jewellery – Papillion Palm Ring – Texture Change @eBento event
  • Eyewear : Loordes of London-D’ Armate Eyewear-#17  @Swank Event
  • Eyeshadows : .:JUMO:. Kendall Star Eyeshadows-  .:JUMO:. Kendall Eyeshadows Royal Brown
  • Lipstick : .:JUMO:. Kendall Lips – .:JUMO:. Kendall Lips London @Jumo mainstore   @Jumo store marketplace
  • Pose : Virtual Diva –  WildPoses-  VD wild2  @Swank Event