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Hi welcome to my blog, my name is Joys. In my blog you can find fashion and furniture photography, but also tutorials, photos and fantasy stories.
And yes, I love fantasy and fashion, and through video tutorials, I like to share with you some tips that I have learned in my long career as a model and supermodel that led me to participate and win the Miss Virtual World contest. in 2017.
I like recycling, that’s why I sometimes use old objects in my outfits (at least as long as the viewer allows me), but also do charity, in fact every year I blogger for Fantasy Faire (Fantasy Faire is one of the megaevents of Relay For Life of Second Life. RFL of SL is a part of American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life fundraising. You can visit their page of the Second Life Teams to see how much various SL events have earned for Relay For Life during the year) where I unleash my imagination in creating fantasy stories and characters.
If you are a creator and you like my work, do not hesitate to contact me in world or by email or various social networks.

My Story…

I enter Second Life to listen to the musical concerts of U2 and other international artists who at that time were promoting Second Life by holding concerts in different sims, but then I was enchanted by the enormous possibilities of knowledge that this virtual world allowed, and so I attended sims. with museums, sims where they taught to write scripts, and so on, until I get it in an Italian sim where they play role-playing and that’s where I stop. Role-playing is exciting because it allows me to unleash my imagination and over time I create, together with other people, an RPG sim.
The sim became well known until it became the first role-playing sim in Second Life. My partner and I were also interviewed by a well-established role-playing newspaper.
After a year, however, both a health problem and the differences with the other owners of the sim, who in the meantime had entered into a company with me and my ex-partner, created by the fame of the sim lead me to abandon the role-playing game forever.
After a few years of wandering in different sims, figured out on a sim where there are models. They looked so beautiful and perfect, even when they wore fantasy. So I looked at their profiles and saw that they graduated from an Italian modeling school. I decided that I would also join. And from there I began my adventure as a model.
I’ve studied a lot, and challenged lag in so many ways that I sometimes even wonder how I did it.
I got a lot of disappointments, because unfortunately it is a very competitive world. Especially when I was doing competitions. But then the much study paid off, making me reach one of the most coveted goals in the world of fashion. Becoming Miss Virtual World. It was exciting, a unique and unrepeatable and very tiring experience. But I did.
Opening this blog was almost a tribute to myself for me. I love fashion, but also taking photos and videos and I put all this in here, including everything I have learned over the years.
If you also enjoy creating outfits, follow my blog or follow me on my social networks.
A strong hug .

I’m …

♕ M I S S V I R T U A L W O R L D ♕ 2017
☞ CEO Desinger HallNails ☜
MyLight Fashion Agency★ COO
Alaia Fashionable for men CEO Top Model | Blogger | Social media manager Copywriting with training in Digital Marketing


I was one of the 2 creators and founders of the RPG sim of Atlantis, which reached the pinnacle of notoriety in December 2009 (on 07/01/10 we were at the top of the RPG sims), when it was mentioned in the prestigious RPG magazine Ancient Life (the photo on the right is a page of the report that the newspaper dedicated to us): I was the only and undisputed Queen and the mother of the Gods: Titan Rea. Below I list the links of my memories and legacies for what was a beautiful land until I left (like it or not this is the reality, and time has proved me right)

Atlantide video

Atlantide video

Flickr Atlantide

♕ M I S S V I R T U A L W O R L D ♕ 2017
★MyLight Fashion Agency★ COO
✪ The Fantasy Angels model
Graduate, K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 01/11/11
✪ Graduete Top Model ,K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 19/11/2013
✪ Owner K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 01/10/14
✪ Top Model Via Condotti Model Agency
BOSL SL Topmodel model 2014 Finalist Top Ten
✪ Miss [VM] Vero Modero 2015 Top 10
Supreme Talent 2013 ranked seventh
✪ Blush Skin Angel
✪ Zero Moda ITALIA Model